About us
Our Philosophy
     KPS Airmotive is dedicated to fast turn times and excellent customer service. Our detailed knowledge and hands on experience provide us an edge on the competition that cannot be rivaled.
     Our continuous determination for improvement of quality and process; allows us the ability to provide fast results without infringing on our quality.
     We are a family owned and operated Repair shop and treat our customers like one of our own.
For more than 30 year now, Kevin Peterson has been closely involved with the fuel systems for all types of aircraft. Fresh out of A&P School, Kevin began his career with Aircraft Carburetor Company (ACC) working closely with Al Dimaro. With a family on the way Kevin made the though decision to leave ACC and started working for Bendix in Burbank, CA. Soon after, Kevin was approached by Pete Law and asked if he would be interested in working on the special application carburetors for the Reno Race Aircraft. Kevin gladly accepted and has since been working hand in hand with Pete. Kevin's unique knowledge of fuel systems (piston and turbine) allows him to be a resource for custom and rare applications.
Kevin started KPS Airmotive after Kay from Airmotive Carburetor informed him of her possible retirement. Kevin is glad to be an integral part of the two oldest carburetor shops around.
Jason Peterson, Kevin's son, has been working as Kevin's right hand man ever since he could wield a screwdriver. However, Jason's first job was a one year stint at Honeywell Aerospace with his father before Jason went abroad for his church. After two years, Jason returned and joined Kevin at Airmotive Carburetor. Jason has over eight years of experience in the industry and handles day to day operations for KPS Airmotive. Jason enjoys being part of such great industry and hopes to carry this knowledge to the next generation.