- Welcome to our new Website -

     With a new shop comes a new website. Yes, that's right! If you have not yet been informed, KPS Airmotive has officially moved! After five years, effective August 2013, KPS decided not to renew the lease on the Ruther Avenue facility. Although moving is no fun; it was time for KPS Airmotive to find a facility whose apperance came close to matching the professionalism KPS strives to maintain.
     Thanks to some good contractors and the generous help of a few friends the new shop was; built, moved and running in about a month. Comparing the old shop to the new shop would be like comparing night and day. Therefore, we invite you to come and see the new shop for yourself. Even if you had never seen the old shop, the new shop will still be a treat to see. Give the shop a call and arrange a quick visit.
                                     Hope to see you soon - Kevin & Jason
Tech and Tips
Our Philosophy
     KPS Airmotive is dedicated to fast turn times and excellent customer service. Our detailed knowledge and hands on experience provide us an edge on the competition that cannot be rivaled.
     Our continuous determination for improvement of quality and process; allows us the ability to provide fast results without infringing on our quality.
     We are a family owned and operated Repair shop and treat our customers like one of our own.
     Take a look at our Capabilities List. If your Carburetor or Servo is listed send it right on in.
     If you don't see your part listed; odds are we have the manual in our library and if it is still supported we can get it added to our Ops Spec.
    On the Gallery page are pictures of just a few of the Carburetors and Servos we have Overhauled, as well as some of the aircraft we have worked on.
The Tech and Tips page will contain useful information for anyone who owns or works on a carburetor or fuel servo.